AES0805 50″ Speaker Cable


14g x 50’ 2-core multi-strand double insulated Speaker cable

Professional grade high quality speaker cable

Clearly color coded for ease of installation

Black impact resistant PVC outer covering

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Product Description

The Audio Experience AES0805 Speaker cable is “Pro” quality to deliver the best signal noise to your AE speaker. It is 50 ft. of Hi-quality 14 gauge 2-core double insulated multi-strand color coded cable and has our highest recommendation for trouble free installation and many years of use.


Weight 2.3Kg/5.06lb
Dimensions 1524mm/50′ Long
Property Waterproof


Q: Why 14g cable, I use smaller cable for my indoor speakers?

A: : Landscape audio often has much longer runs than indoor speakers. In tests 14g cable gives you the best service and acceptable resistance in up to 60/80’ cable runs.

Additional information

Weight 5.06 lbs
Dimensions 10.1 x 3.0 x 10.8 in

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